Maternity Nurse Cover Letter


Rosy Wrath

St. Paul’s nursing Home

New York

12th June 2012

Sub: Applying for the post of maternity nurse.

Respected Ms. Wrath,

I saw your advertisement in the newspaper Times Daily, dated 8th June 2012 for the vacant post of a maternity nurse in your nursing home. I am writing this letter to you to show my interest for the mentioned post. I have completed a five year long maternity nursing training at Professional Nursing Care centre in the year 2008. In addition I can work for long hours and comfortable with the night shifts.

I have all the professional skills necessary to look after a woman in lobor pains or the one who has already delivered her child. I am also trained to caress and look after the patients of miscarriage and abortion. As a maternity nurse, I have a full fledged knowledge about all the gynaecological issues such as uterine surgeries, etc. My three year long experience at various hospitals and nursing homes has exposed me to every type of complications. Attached with this letter is my resume which will give you a better insight of my achievements and qualifications that are necessary for this job.

I look forward for an early response from your side.

Thanking you,

Charlie Watson

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