Travel Counselor Cover Letter

Date: 1 June, 2012

Mr. Anthony Thomas


Grupo Tampico

Delray Drive 333

Respected Mr. Thomas,

I recently saw the advertisement for the job position of a Travel Counselor in the ‘Your Travel Guide’ magazine. I am interested in applying for this position at Grupo Tampico.

Previously, I have a working experience of a Travel Counselor with GeoGenius for 3 years, but since the agency is moving its base to another country, I will not be able to continue there since I have my own family and home to take care of and look after here.

I have qualified with a Diploma course in Tours and Travel Management from Lewisham College, and before working at GeoGenius, I worked at Hotel Moskva for more than 4 years, where I successfully managed to provide my clients with the best travel counseling sessions.

Since I excel in counseling and hold a quality degree and professional career in the field, I believe I can be a part of your agency and work with complete effort for family, business, or pleasure tour counseling. It would be an honor to understand and work through the needful at your agency. You can contact me as per your convenient time.

Sincerely Yours,

Larry Enrique

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