Transportation Planner Cover Letter

Date: 15 August, 2011

Mr. Anderson Pert

Hiring Manager

A J Services Marine

444 Lincoln Avenue

Respected Mr. Pert,

I came across the job opening of a Transportation Planner on, and I am interested in applying for this position at your company.

Briefly, I have graduated Masters in Transport Planning and Engineering, and some of the key roles that I performed as a Transportation Planner at A S Freight were as follows:

  • Accountable for readying the daily shipping schedule o Transport Driver
  • Clear understanding of meeting strategies that targeted geographic areas
  • Capable of using current knowledge to understand the customer’s requirements
  • Responsible for  the execution of transportation schedules and maintenance of vehicle equipment

Along with my professional expertise, I have the ability to take challenges, work in a stressful and pressurized environment, and a good scope of communicational, organizational and managerial skills.

It would be an honor to work with you and your company’s dedicated staff.I am available for contact through a call or email for a personal interview. Thank you for your kindness and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

Barry Silt

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