Transportation Operations Manager Cover Letter

Date: 30 July, 2011

Mr. Wanly George

Hiring Manager

Provincial Transport Services

666 Baywind Drive

Respected Mr. George,

Please accept my letter request for the job application of a Transportation Operations Manager at Provincial Transport Services. As I referred to the advertisement placed in the newspaper by your company yesterday, I understood that my qualifications and your company requirements fit perfectly with what I have thought to do further in my professional field.

Briefly, I have graduated with a Bachelors degree in Operations Management, and then moved into on-the-job training at Redline Transportation for 2 years. On work, I succeeded in developing my skills by learning how to carry out operational duties in the transportation industry.

Now since 3 years, I am a part of Transportation Operations Management team and I further built the following expertise in my work career:

  • Carrying out meetings with outside managers
  • Performed regular inspection on vehicles and recording the most important facts

I would be honored to meet you and your operations management team. Please feel free to contact me for an interview on any convenient time that fits your schedule. Thank you for your kindness and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

Linda Ferris

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