IT Technical Supporter Cover Letter


Bob Harrison

Florida Enterprises Limited


18th June 2012

Subject: Application for the post of an IT technical supporter.

Respected Sir,

While going through your website, I came across a job opening for the post of an IT technical supporter at your renowned company. I was excited to see the job vacancy and consider myself as an apt candidate for the mentioned post. I am capable of performing my duties and responsibilities with full dedication and provide technical assistance and training to the customers and other junior staff.

In the IT sector, I am technologically skilled to deliver client support and resolve technical issues through chat supports, electronic medias, emails and phone calls. Also, my past experiences have equipped me with the knowledge of identifying, assisting and correcting any faulty operational works running in the computer systems. As a distinctive IT technical supporter, I can work independently and support all the fellow workers in submitting technical details and report under the marked deadlines.

If given a chance I can prove my skill sets and credentials. I am enclosing my resume along with this letter so that you get detailed information about my qualifications and credentials.

Thanking you in Anticipation.


Roy Charles.

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