Teacher Cover Letter


Dr. Smith Paul

Bedford School

Director of Human Resources

30 Stevens Avenue

Washington, CA

Date: 06 July, 2012

Respected Dr. Paul,

I am writing this letter to articulate my attention towards the fourth grade Mathematics teacher position that is presently open at Bedford School. I learned about the opening position through an awareness created by the school’s online database.

With my satisfaction in sharing my current and previous knowledge about this position, I believe I can be a prospect for your school because it has always been a pleasure to work with passionate students of various age groups. I am certain that my academic qualifications and previous teaching skills would be thoroughly useful in this teaching position.

Here are some of my skills that can be made use of:

  • Organization of Mathematics coursework and in-charge of class tests and final examinations
  • Developing interactive Math sessions in class with group activities and motivating decisions
  • Fully skilled in using Mathematical tools online such as Microsoft Excel

I have attached my resume which contains other applicable information. I will look forward to your call for a personal interview.

Sincerely Yours,

Mary Johnson

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