Teacher Cover Letter Format


Your Contact Information

Employer Contact Information

Respected Mr./Mrs./Dr. Last Name,


Write the subject of the cover letter, which should specify for which position you are applying for with this cover letter.

First Paragraph

To begin with, mention why you are writing the letter, and where you saw the advertisement of their job opening/job listing/job position. If you recognized about this opening through a mutual friend or contact, state that precisely, and clearly shape the position you are applying for. Your words of request should be convincing.

Second Paragraph

In this section, you have to decide what you have to offer the employer. Write about your previous professional qualifications, and the skills you gained out of them. Create a connection between your previous skills, and state a reason of why they would be helpful and a good source for the job you have applied for.

Third Paragraph

In conclusion, end your letter with a thank you to the employer to consider you liable for the position. State how will you follow them up, and how the employer can contact you for an interview.

Respectfully/Sincerely Yours,

Handwritten Signature

Typed Signature

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