English Teacher Cover Letter

Date: 30 April, 2012

Dr. Nelson Drew


Easton House School

345 Lincoln Avenue

Washington, CA

Respected Dr. Drew,

My attention drew towards the application of an English teacher position that was placed on your school website. Withholding a Masters degree in English Education and a work experience of 3 years as an English teacher at North Beckton School, I believe I have the capabilities of becoming a key source of your school facility.

With my professional qualifications, I believe I have developed my personal skills adequately, some of them being writing, speaking and listening in English. Briefly, some of the roles I was responsible for in my previous job were as follows:

  • Giving five lectures in a day
  • Regular checking of tests, assignments, presentation skills and keeping a record of each student
  • A successful member of the exam committee
  • Setting conversations with parents and aiming to solve all kinds of issues that my class or students would have faced in the entire academic year

I would be grateful in meeting you to discuss my qualifications further. I may be contacted through my number or an email for a personal interview. Thank you for your consideration and time.

Sincerely Yours,

Raphael Thomson

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