University Student Cover Letter


Mr. William Henry

Hallmark Oxford University

New York

24th June 2012

Subject: Application for joining internship programs organised by your university.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to apply for the biochemistry research internship program that was listed on your website. I am a biochemistry student at the University of Wonders, New York. I am in my second year of master’s degree.

During my graduation, I have developed a great knowledge of laboratory works in zoology, biology and chemistry. I have in depth knowledge of both indoor and outdoor field work. I can easily observe specimens under the microscope and currently working on a project to design a new millimetre microscope for biochemistry labs. The internship session is of great importance to me because I would get an opportunity to enhance my skills and potential at the research work as well.

I will call you within a week to discuss if my qualifications and credentials match up to your requirements. Enclosed with this letter is a copy of my resume which details my educational background, experience in the biochemistry lab works and awards. I look forward for a favourable response from you. If any other document is needed from my side, then please let me know.



Urey Martin

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