Medical Student Cover Letter


Troy Gobbler

Troy Medical Institute


23rd June 2012

Subject: Application for joining training sessions related to medical field.

Respected Sir,

During my online research I came to know about the opening of the Medical training position at your institute. I am very excited to work as a trainee under your guidance and learn the much needed medical procedures and policies.

I am currently a student of University of Medical Sciences, Buckingham. I am pursuing the master’s degree in Medical with strong hold on subjects like Biology, Botany and Mathematics. I want to be an active member of this medical training session so that I am professionally skilled to have practical experience during the field work. I want to be a strong candidate and a trainee and utilise this time to gain as much knowledge as possible from my trainers and learn newer ways of comforting the patients. Also, during my training session I want to apply my knowledge and skills to carry out given assignments and project works.

I think I possess all the skills and credentials that are necessary for the candidacy of this medical training session. Kindly consider an enclosed resume which underlines my educational qualifications, awards and achievements and expertise. I look forward for an early reply from you.



Mathew Henry

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