Civil Engineering Student Cover Letter


Greg Bob

Institute of Medical and Engineering studies

New York

28th June 2012

Subject: Applying for civil engineering training at your institute.

Respected Sir,

I am a graduate student pursuing Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Dreams University, New York. I am writing this letter to apply for a civil and communal engineer trainee position at your company. This is in reference to the advertisements and updates on your social websites, offering training to graduated civil engineers.

During my graduation years, I have undertaken four civil projects which came out to be successful. In addition, I always scored meritorious positions in daily engineering assignments and practical field work. I want to join this training session with you so that I get a chance to improve my skills and learn newer ways of becoming a perfect civil engineer. I am ready to be trained during the night hours and for some extended day hours, if required. The training for the post of a civil engineer is of great interest to me because I want to use my education to improve my knowledge in those fields in which I lack.

I am enclosing my resume along with this letter so that you have a full insight about my education and professional qualifications. I look forward to work under you as a civil engineer trainee.



George Fred.

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