Art Student Cover Letter


Paul Pinto

International Institute of Arts and Architecture


29th June 2012

Subject: Applying for art internship programs at your institute.

Respected Sir,

I came across the Art Internship Education sessions that are soon going to commence, as advertised in London Times newspaper, dated 26th June 2012. I am writing this letter with great interest and excitement to apply for the internship program. This is surely an ideal opportunity which I was looking for, to utilise my knowledge, skills and experiences in a finest way.

I am a 2nd year student of arts education at Global University, London. I am well prepared for joining this position at your institute because I have a passion to learn and execute my field of arts education in my works. My undergraduate studies have transferred my interest for this field to a totally new level. I have an experience to work with CAT ART institute wherein I was asked to teach children to apply their creative minds in the art projects. I would love to be a part of your institute and contribute with full hard work and dedication.

Enclosed with this letter is my resume which mentions some of my arts projects, educational background and expertise. I will contact you within a week to discuss about my candidacy.



John Walt.

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