Scholarship Donation Cover Letter



Glubber Manufacturing Company,


Dear Mr. Simpson,

We are happy to introduce our educational institution Normade Schools Pvt Ltd whose main endeavour is to offer quality education to one and all. We are an institution striving hard to educate very child and improve the quality of the society on the whole. We are on the look out for a company that has similar aims to nurture betterment of education.

As yours is a company always felt responsible for social causes and upliftment of the society we will be more than glad to partner with you for a sponsorship program to support the financially poor children to fulfill their dreams of basic education.

We will be putting your name and banner on all correspondence and advertising from the school at all times.

We look forward to partnering with us in this scholarship donation program. In case you wish to take up a part of the donation then you will still feature as a co-donor for the scholarship program.

Thanking you in advance.


Srutter Ticks,


Normade School Pvt Ltd.