Scholarship Denial Cover Letter


Mr. Sharne Warne,


Dear Mr. Sharne,

We hereby write this letter to deeply regret the denial of your application for the Norman Scholarship program run by our esteemed University. Our valuable team of scholarship committee which decides on the members selected for the scholarship program has released the list of the selected candidates and your name is not part of the list.

We are able to offer scholarships only to 20 meritorious students per year and the list is already filled with the students for the same. This year we have received applications for scholarships more than five times than the actual availability. While the selection committee had a tough task making the selection of students, the denial of scholarship has no bearing on your credentials in any way. It is just that you are marginally short of the required percentage while being selected among the meritorious candidates.

You can in case go in for the paid program at our university.Thanking you for considering out university.

We wish you all the very best for all your future undertakings.


Mrs. Jonatah  Mika,


Norman University.