Scholarship Cover Letter Example

Mr. Mark Tyson
ECE Department,
252, Park Avenue South,
New York, NY 12335-4789

Dear Mr. Tyson,

I am Johnny Quest and I am citizen of Ghana. I am presently enrolled in FY University in the city. Herewith I am sending you my application for the scholarship program in undergraduate course in the Electronics field.

I have taken the GRE, TOEFL AND GMAT, on September 23, 2010. I have already sent the original score reports to the University to get it verification.

You are already aware that currency in Ghana is not convertible. So it is not at all possible for me to pay the required course and application fee. With all the regards I request you and your department and also the office of undergraduate admissions to consider my application for the scholarship.

I thank you deep from my heart for your kind attention to this matter and for considering my application. I hope to get a reply from you very soon.


Nicholas Cage