Scholarship Acceptance Cover Letter


Mr. George Bush,

Acquire University,


Dear Mr. George,

I hereby take this opportunity to thank you and the scholarship selection committee of Kent Scholarship Program sponsored by Acquire University. Please find my acceptance for the scholarship program offered by your esteemed university. I am indeed quite pleased and mentally relieved as I can continue my higher studies without having to keep brooding about the financial burden. I feel that my hard work and academic dedication has not gone waste.

I assure you than I will leave no stone unturned in maintaining the excellent academic scores as always. I will stand up to the requirements of the scholarship program and make myself a suitable candidate to have received the scholarship.

I am attaching copies of all my academic certification along as requested by your scholarship committee in the communication sent to me.

I once again take this opportunity to thank you for choosing me as a scholarship candidate for the Kent Scholarship program sponsored by your University.


Jonathan Sea,

New Mainland.

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