Sample Scholarship Cover Letter

Tom Anderson,

ABC University
124, West 67 Wall Street,
Carlisle, MA 21041,
(133)-453 7830.

Date: 1st Sept, 2009.

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I am Samantha Jones, who has completed my graduation in Biology with Microorganism as my main subject from University of California. I recently came to know about your Super Student scholarship and would like to apply for the same.

I have gone through all prerequisites for the scholarship and think that my credentials are as per your requirements. I have been a brilliant student throughout my school and college life and have been awarded with various awards and recognition. I am herewith attaching my application for the scholarship along with my mark sheets, certificates and other needed documents.

I would request you to please award me this scholarship, so that I can continue my studies further and excel in my field of work for the welfare of the nation.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Samantha Jones.