Sales Professional Cover Letter


Mr. David White

Recruitment Manager

Oreo Company Pvt. Ltd.


11th Oct 2011


This letter is intended for application for the job role of Sales professional in your company. I came to know about this vacant position through one of your current employees in the sales department Mr. Ron. He is aware of my qualification and experience and hence felt that I should be the best candidate for the vacant role at hand.

I have worked as a Sales professional throughout my total work experience of 3.4 years. I have successfully managed various roles in handling promotions, managing company sales targets, and eliciting interest from the customers for our various products and services. I like to develop a mutually beneficial relationship being a company sales representative with our customers and including this trait along with my other strengths like hard work and dedication, I have been able to succeed in my career till date.

Looking forward to working with your organization.


James Cameron