Teaching Resume Cover Letter

Sarah Jane
26 Colin Street
San Francisco, CA 85963
email sarah@XXX.com

21st June 2010

Mr. Colin Fields
Smart kids Elementary School
Avenue Street
San Francisco, CA 85963

Dear Mr. Fields,

I am interested in applying for the post of a teacher in your elementary school. I came an opening about the spot in a newspaper quite recently. I have been in this kind of job profile for a few years now. Plus, I managed to teach not just in urban schools but also spent some time teaching in the suburban schools as well.

Since a few months, I had taken a break from teaching. However, now I hope to get back to it and what better way than to start with a school as reputed as yours. My skills in teaching have been well appreciated by the staff, parents and students of the previous schools that I worked at. However, I have enclosed my resume with this cover letter. It has all the details in regards with what experience and qualifications I have.

I would certainly look forward to hear from you and hope it is a positive response.

Thank you


Sarah Jane

Enclosure: Resume