Research Cover Letter Template


Name of the recipient -

Address of the recipient -

Name of the University -

Address of the University –

Date –

Dear Mr. (mention name of the recipient),

I am pursuing my [mention the course you are pursuing] program from your University. I have undertaken research as part of my course curriculum in the [mention the area in which you have undertaken research] area. It has always been my dream to make a career in the field of [mention the field]. I have undertaken a study [mention the target of the study] which involve [mention the details of the study]. The research work being undertaken by me has commercial viability as well once it gets patented.

The details of my research work are available in the project report being submitted along with this letter. Hope to get approval from you for the research work being submitted by me. I will be glad to provide any other information as deemed necessary by the approval committee.

Thank you for considering my application.


Sender’s name,

Senders address,

Senders email address,

Senders contact details.