Professional Resume Cover Letter

Mr. Daniel Meyers

The HR Manager,

Clogs and Hudson Firm,

Cathedral Road,

Houston, Texas 47568

[Subject: Resume for the opening of graphic designer]

Dear Sir,

With reference to the ad listed on the internet that stated that your company is looking for graphic designs. I offer my candidature for the job, as I consider myself eligible for the post.

I have done a diploma in graphic designing, plus I worked for a firm for two years as an assistant graphic designer. That firm did give me the necessary exposure to the work set up and means as to how to meet the demands of the clients. I am certainly prepared to take the next step and get into the shoe of a graphic designer for your firm.

I have enclosed my resume with this letter. It has all the details related to both my work experience and educational qualification. I hope to hear from you soon and with a positive response.

Yours Sincerely,


Zeta Jones