Police Resume Cover Letter

Bill Clinton

26 G block

Hampton Street

New York 7856

26th February 2010

Clara Simpson

HR Manager

ABC Incorporation

Boston 56246

Dear Ms. Simpson,

I came to know through a source that you are looking out for candidates who are experienced and capable to fill the opening of a sergeant’s post. I always wanted to be part of the traffic control department and I am glad to have found this opportunity here.

I have a decent experience of 4 years with the local police department. I was part of the traffic regulation team. I always made sure to bring about the best of my skills to serve the job better, made sure that the rules were never been taken leniently neither from my end nor from the passerby’s.

I have enclosed my resume; it has all the necessary details in regards with my education and professional career. I hope I manage to impress you and expect a positive response.

Thank you


Bill Clinton

Enclosure: Resume