MCA Resume Cover Letter

Thom Edison

25 Riverview

Iowa 58965

(78) 555 9689

November 17th 2010

Jack Mathews


23rd Avenue

NY 10659

(14) 555 5858

Dear Mr. Mathews

This year I passed out from the Yale school of Arts & Sciences. I came across your company’s advertisement that read, an opening for an MCA graduate. I am very happy to have got this opportunity to apply for a job in a company like yours that holds some great reputation.

I am a fresh graduate of MCA, though I have managed to pull off an internship at the country house last summer. The internship helped me with exposure to the working patterns and team effort. Being a part of their staff, I felt like I was working there full time.

However I have enclosed my resume with this letter. It has all the details related to both my educational and professional qualification. I hope that I fulfil all your job requirements; I certainly would love to showcase my passion and dedication for work. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Thomas Edison

Enclosure: Resume