How to write a resume cover letter

When it comes to writing a resume cover letter, there are certain things that need to be taken special care off. To start off with, you should know the purpose behind writing the letter. Having known that, the words become easier to pen down, for every word counts and it should make sense.

You need to build a connection with the reader, for if you fail to do so, then the letter and the enclosed resume goes down the trash. The one thing that should be always remembered is that this is one such letter that would get you your dream job. Hence bring out the best from the box and be motivated to give your best shot.

Divide the letter into either three of four paragraphs. The first one would speak general about you, stating you name and your will to apply for the job. Considering your resume is already being attached, don’t pour in much details about your work profile and experience.

Second paragraph, define why you chose the company and what you can offer them.

Third paragraph, highlight on the experiences from previous jobs, if any. (Optional paragraph)

Last and fourth paragraph, closing lines; mention that you would like to hear from them soon and end the letter with thank you and your name, with signature.