Engineering Resume Cover Letter


Mr Eric Simpson

National Informatics Inc.,

Odessa, Texas

July 18, 2010

Dear Mr Simpson,

I would like to introduce myself to you; I am a BS student, passed out from the University of Yale, Connecticut. This letter is in reference to your advertisement that was published in ABC newspaper, saying opening for a Mechanical Engineer. I certainly wish to apply for the post.

I have enclosed my current resume with this letter. It speaks about both my professional and educational qualifications. The recent internship that I did was at the mechanical sciences centre, and I must say that did add to my current knowledge and enlightened me about many different things. I would love to share the same knowledge and experience at your firm. Hence, I feel eligible for this job, as I manage to fulfil all the requirements from the company’s end.

I would appreciate your perusal of my resume. I would rather love to have a meeting in person to share my views. Hope to hear from you soon.


Emma Austin

Enclosure: Resume