Research Grant Cover Letter


The Director,

University Grants Commission,


Respected Sir,

May I take this opportunity through this cover letter to introduce to you Little Poddle Organization. We are an NGO engaged in the restoration of animals injured in rural areas and help them survive any fatal injuries. Every year many of these animals are left to die without facilities for proper and timely treatment. We strive to work for the betterment of these animals at our own expense. At the moment we are launching a research project to understand the causes for diseases both natural and otherwise.

We are an organization striving hard for a healthy life for these animals and it is our love for these animals that has pushed us to launch this research project.

We look forward to you to grant us funds to undertake and successfully maintain this research project that will be helpful for so many ill animals.

The project report for the research activity is enclosed for your perusal.

Hoping to hear positively from your end.


Gusto Cheena,


Little Poddle Organization,