Research Cover Letter Format

Recipient’s Name:

Recipient’s Designation:

Name of the University:

Address of the University:


Subject: (Purpose of writing this letter)

Respected (Recipient’s name),

Paragraph 1

This part is the introduction on why you are writing this letter to the concerned authorities. You need to give your personal details including educational background and work experience if any. Also there has to be mention about the research papers being submitted by you.

Paragraph 2

This part should relate to a gist of the research paper including the topic. You need to highlight why you have undertaken research on this topic and the outcome of the same.

Concluding Paragraph

This part should consist of thanking the approval team for giving you this opportunity for submission of research papers. You also need to mention when you will be available for a discussion in case they consider your application.

Respectfully Yours,

This last part of the letter should include the name and the signature of the sender.