Medical Research Cover Letter

To Anne Geddes,

Immunology Department,

Sherbourne Medical Research Center,


Dear Me. Anne,

I hereby present to you my medical research papers on DNA sequencing analysis. I am a science graduate from the University of Immunology with medical biochemistry as my main specialization. With the medical research papers that I am submitting to you I have studied the various aspects of DNA sequencing involving protein purification and spectrophotometry. The main theme of the medical research is to recognize the various molecules of DNA that carry diseases from one generation to another. The focus being recognition of various symptoms and treatment necessary for hereditary diseases.

I have done exhaustive research in the said subject with collecting blood samples from many volunteers for lab examination purposes.

Please find attached a detailed report of the medical research undertaken by me for your perusal and acceptance.

On approval of my research papers, I wish to make the medication for control of hereditary diseases in coordination with pharmaceutical companies to make it commercially available.

Hope to get approval of my medical research papers and hearing positively from your end.


Sarah Richards,