Investment Research Cover Letter


Yagna Malwa,

Project Co-ordinator,

Vella University,


Dear Ms. Yagna,

I would like to submit my research papers on Investment Analysis. I am currently pursuing my post graduate degree in management from your Vella University.  As a management student I am required to take up practical work in any of the activities that surround my scope of study. I have thus chosen investment research as my topic as it is not only exhaustive but also has scope for in depth study.

During finalizing my project I have worked with a lot of investment companies, brokerage firms apart from venture capital firms to make my study as encompassing as possible. The elaborate details of my investment research project are entailed in the attached project report.

I take this opportunity to thank my Professor Dr. Nusan Andrews for his continued support in accomplishing this project.

I look forward to positive approval of the project by your project committee.


Dev Desouza,

Fashion Street,


New Jersey.