Geophysical Research Cover Letter


Miss Merry Anderson

HR Manager

Stinger Oil Corporation

120 Emile Street


9th Aug, 12

Sub: – Applying for the post of geophysical researcher

Dear Miss Merry

With reference to the advertisement in The Herald Mail newspaper yesterday, I wish to apply for the post of geophysical researcher in your organization.  I am sending my resume with this letter for your kind consideration.

I have done my masters in geophysics from London University. I have worked as a geophysical researcher in Afar Oil Corporation for three years. I have got the required knowledge to serve your company. I know a sound knowledge in physics, chemistry, and geology and of course mathematics is very important to succeed in this field and I have got the required knowledge. My research work has been published in many international journals and magazines. I specialize in the instruments that are used for this kind of research. I also have got managerial capabilities and can lead a team of junior researcher for a specific project. I think I will be an asset to your research and development team.

I want to meet you personally to discuss further as to what more I can offer to Stinger Oil Corporation. Hope to get a positive reply from you soon.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Peter Fox

Enclosures: Resume

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