Cover Letter For Research Proposal


Mr. Jack Welsh,

President – Projects,

SCC Enterprise.

Dear Mr. Jack,

We hereby present to you a proposal for research on the “Growing trends in medical equipments” with specific reference to your company. As your company is one of the leading medical equipment company in the market today we found it to be an ideal way to begin with our research.  The research is oriented towards identifying the causes for the growth and how to surge it further. As a result the research we are undertaking can also be used by your enterprise to further sales.

I am a science graduate working under the guidance of my professor Mr. Thomas, Newloll University. I have good research skills and an excellent inter personal skill to maintain cordial relationship with people at all levels.

Given my education and skills I request you to kindly grant me permission to undertake research at you esteemed organization. I confirm that all information related to your company will be kept confidential by me at all times.

Thanking you in anticipation of a positive response.


Susan Brown,