Cover Letter For Research Paper


Professor Daisy Dew,

Head of Department- Psychology,

New Jersey University.

Dear Professor Daisy,

I hereby submit to you my research papers on the topic “child abuse in schools and colleges”, as part of my course curriculum. The research papers being submitted by me is undertaken in association with the Society for prevention and rehabilitation of Children. I have worked on the field along with some of the members of the society to comprehend the real life situations that involved abuse of school going and teenage children.

The research paper has been oriented for clinical application as well in counseling the children who have been victims of such incidents.

I request you to kindly accept my research paper. I am willing to make any changes as you may feel appropriate. I hereby confirm that all the work mentioned is original and true to the best of my knowledge.

Thanking you for giving me this opportunity to present my research papers.



Final Year Psychology student,

New Jersey University,