Biology Research Cover Letter


Mr. Inventis Kid,

Biology Research Center,

New York.

Dear Mr. Inventis,

Please find enclosed submission of my biology research papers on In Vitro Fertilization(IVF) procedures. In my research I have made an effort to identify the latest developments in the field of artificial fertilization and the reasons for couples not being able to conceive a child naturally. The study entails in depth analysis of the male and female reproductive systems and the abnormalities that can arise. I have focused on formation of the human cells and the elements that are required to reproduce a healthy child.

I have attached a detailed project report for support of the biology research I have undertaken. For the purpose of research I have taken the assistance of Prof. David who is Dean of Department of Biology in Noman University.

I am willing to provide any additional information regarding the research papers being submitted by me.

I request you to kindly accept my research papers on the aforesaid topic to enable me to perform further studies related to it.

Thanking you in anticipation of acceptance.


Gabriella Sabatini,

New York.