Academic Research Cover Letter


Daniel Vectors

General Manager

Bullet Academic Research Centre

65, Goodwin Towers, Western London


1st July 2012

Sub- Submission of academic research papers.

Dear Mr. Daniel

I am writing this letter to present you the final copy of my academic research work that I have undertaken as per the requirement of your corporation. I have completed academic research work on the topic “benefits of weight loss”. I am enclosing a hard copy of my work so that you can use it as per the requirement of your company. I have done a thorough research on the topic by taking the help of journals, books, internet etc. I have worked three months on the project to complete bout 10000 words on the topic. I have included historical developments of the weight loss regime in my research work. I have also compiled the emerging and the latest trends which are beneficial for the weight loss purpose.

Please contact me in case you have any queries regarding the academic research document. I am always available for revision of my work. I will look forward to my next academic research topic.

Yours Sincerely

Andrew Halls

Enclosed – academic research work document, references and testimonials.

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