Vendor Quotation Cover Letter

Ms. Nidhi Chandra,

Vice President, Thompson Industries,

Doctor’s Colony,


Respected Ms. Nidhi,

My name is Brett Nicole and I am writing to you as a Department Head of the auto manufacturing sub parts, Thompson Industries. Given that you are a big auto manufacturer, you may be in need of different auto subparts of different quality and prices. We are pleased to inform you that we manufacture different subparts according to the requirements of auto manufacturing companies. Our clients have accepted our products and have been very satisfied with the performance and durability of these products.

I am attaching a quotation for different auto subparts that we currently manufacture. We will be happy to address any queries that you may have. You can visit our office directly with a printout of this letter to have a view at our manufacturing plant. Alternately you can call us at 098-65745 for more details.

We will be awaiting your reply.


Mr. Brett Nicole

Elves Park,