Quotation Cover Letter Format

(To name and address)

Recipient’s Name:

Recipient’s Title:

Company’s name:

Company’s Address:


Subject: (Purpose of the letter)

Respected (Recipient’s name),

(First Paragraph): This introductory paragraph will give a brief history about the company and how there exists a business opportunity between the two firms. It should also talk about the kind of diverse list of customers currently catered to and how their clients have been successful in making their costs competitive by aligning their business interests.

(Second Paragraph): In this paragraph, the firm can specify the kind of materials that can be shipped at various quotations as per the attached documents. Provide email id and contact details in this paragraph if the client wants to get back on any query or establish a relationship. Try to raise your capabilities for ensuring the best service and delivery.

(Third Paragraph): End the letter on a positive note by request reply. Thank the recipient for having read this mail and possibly responding to it.




(Enclose the attachments)