Price Quotation Cover Letter

Mr. Martin Jacques,

Vice President, Thompson Industries,

Doctor’s Colony,

South Carolina.

Respected Mr. Jacques,

This is a subsequent letter regarding the price quotation of products that we had a one-to-one discussion upon in our previous meeting. I am attaching a document that lists the price quotations of each of those products for the quantity mentioned. If the quotation matches your expectation, then we would happy to take the negotiations forward regarding shipping mode and payment options.

If you would like to discuss further on the prices, then you can get in touch by writing to You can also directly contact us through phone by calling to 040-87650. We have facilitated the payment by the client through monthly installments. The prices mentioned will be applicable till our management decides on further increase or reduction as per the market rates. So to ensure that you get the least price, please respond as soon as you can.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Mr. Anna Kendrick

Elves Park,

Rhode Island.