Insurance Quotation Cover Letter

Mr. Gaurav Bhargava,

Vice President, Thompson Industries,

Doctor’s Colony,


Respected Mr. Gaurav,

Our firm has recently introduced a new and attractive policy for or clients to safeguard their office buildings against fire and natural disasters. With this insurance policy you can be carefree about the future natural uncertainties and carry on your business with paths of higher growth with ease.

With many natural disasters currently being seen all over the world, it is become imperative for business to guard against such losses. I have attached the details of the policy with this letter. The premium payments, period of insurance policy and terms and conditions will be discussed with you if you are interested. We request you to consider opting for this policy as hundreds of firms are adopting it and gaining benefits. If you are interested in this policy, please reply back to this mail or call us at 079-897656.


Ms. Sophia Kinne

Elves Park,