Vendor Questionnaire Cover Letter


Levi Sales Corporation,

Vendor registration number – LS-1GS,


Sub: – Submission of vendor questionnaire

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find enclosed a vendor questionnaire that we are collecting in order to get to know the basic vendor requirements. We are in the process of conducting vendor evaluation and your participation in the vendor questionnaire is imperative for us to make the right decision. The main aim of the vendor questionnaire is to identify the areas that are good and the ones that need improvement.

You can be rest assured that your purchase orders will not be affected in any way due to your participation in the survey. The survey is essentially to get subjective details of all the vendors and will not affect your vendor relationship with us in any way.

Please refer to the attached quality standards for participation in the vendor questionnaire.

We thank you for your time and looking forward to a rewarding relationship with you.


Signature of head of supplies.

Maddy Sales Information Company.