Stress Questionnaire Cover Letter

Date: 6th June, 2011

Adam Smith,

Employee no-12

Foot Street,


Dear Mr. Adam,

It is with the intention of bringing in personal touch to the work being undertaken by you that we bring this stress questionnaire to you. The main objective of this questionnaire is to the extent of stress that employees undergo during work hours and the steps that can be taken to bring it down to maximum possible extent. We expect you to provide information related to all the factors that are causative for stress for you while at work including any suggestions from your end to minimize it.

We intend to provide individual counseling to all our employees on the basis of this questionnaire and help in managing stress effectively.

The information collected in the questionnaire is only for improvement purposes and will not be made public.

We thank you for all the efforts you have taken to fill out this questionnaire truthfully.

Looking forward to provide you an enduring stress free work environment.


Head of Human Resources.