Social Questionnaire Cover Letter


Abagail Daniel,


Dear Mr. Abagail,

We hereby bring to you a questionnaire on the social cause of restoration of street children for which we have randomly selected your name from the members of your State. We wish to understand the opinion of the general public on the recent changes that have been brought forth by the government in relation to the subject under discussion restoration of street children. We wish to know if people belonging to the community at large are in favor of the cause or against it. Your opinion matters a lot to us. So please take time to fill in this questionnaire.

You can be assured that all the personal information and opinion shared by you in this questionnaire will be kept confidential. The results of the questionnaire will be posted on our website and you can feel free to obtain a personal copy of the same by writing to us at any time.

We thank you in advance for you assistance.


Social Program head.