Questionnaire Introduction Cover Letter

Ms. Sonali Khanna,

Vice President, Thompson Industries,

Doctor’s Colony,


Respected Ms. Sonali,

I seek your support in completing my marketing project which is about studying the future of auto industry in India. Given the wide area of operations that Thompson Industries undertakes, it would be privilege to get an opportunity to know about the future plans of the company. I would like you to go through the attached questionnaire and fill it as applicable to your firm.

The project is part of my end term course in the Department of Marketing of the University of Wisconsin. I am undertaking this project under the guidance of Prof. Pankaj Trivedi. The results would be useful to the whole auto industry and I would be very thankful if you can contribute to the same.

Looking forward to your useful inputs and implementing it in my project. I can share the results of my research with you if you need.


Mr. Naga Praveen

Elves Park,