Personality Questionnaire Cover Letter



6th Quarter road

Phoenix Street

New York

Date: 7th July, 2011

Dear Mr. Anudeep,

Please find enclosed a questionnaire on personality that will help us to understand you better. The purpose of the questionnaire is to identify your personality and allocate you job responsibilities accordingly. The entire questionnaire will take about 10-15 minutes in all. We expect that you provide information in an honest and truthful manner that will help us to assess your true personality. This will not only be useful for assigning you work appropriately but also provide you advise on improvising your personality traits for personal and career advancement at all times.

You can be assured about the secrecy of the details provided by you in this questionnaire and will be used only for training and development purposes.

We thank you for you time in providing vital information about yourself in this questionnaire. Please make sure to fill up and submit the questionnaire on or before 15th of this month positively.

Sincerely to your personal growth,

ABC Corporation