Marketing Questionnaire Cover Letter

Ms. Nisha  Koppikar,

Vice President,

Alwa Edison Company,

New York.

Respected Ms. Nisha,

I am undertaking a marketing survey as part of my internship with Iowa University. The survey is related to understanding the pattern of usage of electronic goods by consumers and their needs. I am attaching a marketing questionnaire along with this letter. I will be thankful if only you could spend a few moments of your valuable time and complete the questionnaire.

The questionnaire is focused on the purchase pattern of the consumers with various electrical products and branding of these products in the market. The questions are oriented towards getting a fair and true opinion of the users. The results of the questionnaire will be available on our university website and I will send you the links as soon as the details are published.

Thanking you in anticipation of positive response for filling out the questionnaire for my project work.


Sushma Rathod,