Market Questionnaire Cover Letter

Ms. Monica Khanna,

Doctor’s Colony,


Respected Ms. Monica,

Hello I am Professor Isaac Jacob and I am the head of the marketing department in University of Florida. I also am pursuing my PhD in “Innovation in Marketing”. In my current research, I am undertaking a survey to understand the acceptability of 4G telecommunication services in the United States.

We have chosen a sample of people for the survey and you are a part of that sample. So do not miss the chance of providing your opinion and represent the opinions in general of the nation.

The questions are simple and straightforward. You just need to mention one liner for open ended questions and tick the right choice for close ended questions. If you have any recommendation for improving the 4G services or communication strategies for telecom firms, please mention at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your participation in this survey.


Mr. Isaac Jacob

Elves Park,