Friendship Questionnaire Cover Letter

Mr. Sachin Shanbhag,

Doctor’s Colony,


Respected Mr. Shanbhag,

As part of the upcoming Friendship day celebrations, we bring to you the Friendship Tool that can help us gauge the kind of friendship that you are interested in, understand the value of friendship, and level of friendship you maintain with your friends. This is a very handy tool for all those who think friends are a very important part of life. There are various features in this tool that can help you build better friendship, store birthday dates, send greetings, play games and fight with your enemies via cartoons, etc. We hope you would enjoy this tool very much.

To get your friendship profile, you have to fill the questionnaire that is attached. We will analyze it and put the results on your Friendship Tool Home page. The questions are very simple and straightforward. Please reply to all questions honestly and with truthfulness.

We look forward to your exciting responses.


Ms. Deepti Sharma

Elves Park,