Finance Questionnaire Cover Letter

Ms. Madhumita Sarkar,

Doctor’s Colony,


Respected Ms. Madhumita,

I am Anupriya Singh and I am a loan representative from HDFC Bank. In one of our new initiative, we are giving loans to customers at attractive rates. We understand that everyone has their own personal and professional need that often gets obstructed due to lack of finance. So we are here to provide you the finance that you need at the cheapest rates. For this all you have to do is just spend 5-7 minutes of their valuable time and fill the attached questionnaire.

For your convenience, we have provided four options for each question. If your answer is different from all of them, you can mention it below that particular question. After receiving the completed questionnaire, we would conduct your background verification. If we find you’re creditworthy, then we would administer the loans at the earliest.

You can also opt out of the survey if you do not have a loan requirement in the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your participation.


Mr. Anupriya Singh

Elves Park,