Fashion Questionnaire Cover Letter

Ms. Akshata Philar,

Vice President, Thompson Industries,

Doctor’s Colony,


Respected Ms. Akshata,

I am Preeti Satyanarayanan and I am a budding fashion designer. I am conducting a survey on the likeability of different fashion brands currently existent in the market. So I would request your participation in this survey. I am attaching a questionnaire with this letter. You just need to spend five minutes of your valuable time and fill the simple questionnaire.

The questionnaire tests your awareness and usage of different brands and helps us analyze which fashion brand is currently dominating the market. This also allows will help us develop fashion brands according to your requirements.

There are five questions which are all open ended. Sufficient space is provided below each question for you answering. Please give your honest and fair opinions.

Thank you very much in coming forward and responding to this questionnaire positively.


Ms. S. Preeti

Elves Park,

Rhode Island.