Employment Questionnaire Cover Letter

Ms. Upada Nalajala,

Doctor’s Colony,


Respected Ms. Upada,

Hello I am Niraj Pathak and I am a HR representative from Inspire Consultancy. This is a human resources firm that helps prospective employees apply and get selected for the best companies. We would like to present an opportunity for those who are trying hard to find their dream companies and dream roles. We facilitate employer – employee association by finding a strategic link between both of them.

To enable employers chase you instead of you chasing them, you have to fill the simple questionnaire that is attached with this letter. The data entered by you will be matched with the employer preferences and sent to your personal mail id. You will be connected to HR personnel from the chosen firms and can appear for subsequent selection processes.

We would soon send you a list of employers looking for you.

Double your opportunities to find the right employers and ensure a secure future

All the best!


Mr. Niraj Pathak

Elves Park,