Customer Questionnaire Cover Letter

Mr. Aryak Mohapatra,

Doctor’s Colony,

New York.

Dear Mr. Mohapatra,

My name is Sayan Mukherjee and I am a marker researcher in Thompson Industries. We are conducting a survey on the customer needs and their preference for hair conditioners. The results of this survey would help us develop better products and services in the hair care industry and meet your expected needs. Customer satisfaction is the driver of our business and your participation in this survey would be another step towards ensuring customer satisfaction.

The questions are very simple and straightforward and will not take more than 10 minutes of your crucial time. Please tick the right choices wherever applicable and provide your opinions for questions where choices are not provided. Please present your honest view through this questionnaire. Also please fill your name, age and occupation at the end of the questionnaire. All the given details would only be used for research purposes and will be kept confidential.


Mr. Sayan Mukherjee

Elves Park,

North Carolina.